Make an impact on the world

Support over 200 million users globally is the fastest growing social change platform in the world, empowering more than 200 million people to create change in their communities.

We wake up every day knowing that our work is changing lives – helping kids to stop bullying in schools, communities to protect wilderness from mining, and citizens to hold corrupt officials to account. And we’re just getting started.

Join a workplace where you’re welcomed, valued and supported.

At, we work to dismantle the systematic barriers that keep people apart. That’s why we act on our responsibility to build and support a team that authentically represents the diversity of anyone that comes to our platform, today and into tomorrow.’s immediate goal is for our organization to reflect the beautiful and diverse world we inhabit. We are actively questioning and working to disrupt systems that lead to oppression. We see our work in fostering inclusivity as a constant process to improve ourselves, the places we work and the world around us so that everyone can thrive. And we do so with integrity, honesty and humility at every step in that journey.


Work with the best in technology & social change

We are building something no company has created before – a world-class team of technologists and creatives alongside the most accomplished team of social change agents in the world.

This collaboration enables us to build the most effective tools to empower movements globally, and keeps us inspired as we work alongside remarkable people across diverse disciplines.


Meaningful work

You’ll be proud telling everyone from your mother to your partner that you get to spend every day transforming the lives of millions of people around the world.

Paid parental leave

All new parents are eligible for 18 weeks fully-paid leave as a global baseline. We value parents and understand the importance of family to a healthy workplace.

Plenty of vacation

As a global company, we want you to travel the world – and we give you the time to do so. We offer unlimited vacation in: the United States, Canada, France, Germany (PBC), the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Australia, Turkey, and Poland.

Join a community

From global team retreats to friendly team competitions, you will be joining a tight-knit community of people who love working together.

Our values

We take fun seriously.

The intensity of our work is sustained by a culture of celebration. We foster moments and traditions that create an inspiring, positive place to work.

We embrace openness.

The promise of empowerment is most fully realized when participation extends to people of all backgrounds and perspectives. We welcome and embrace this diversity, as well as all we have in common.

We serve with passion.

We work in service of a purpose larger than ourselves. We honor this opportunity through passion and deep commitment for our mission, our team and our users.

We offer solutions.

Every challenge can be overcome if each of us takes responsibility and acts with initiative. We always offer positive solutions and approach new opportunities with creative ideas.

We demand excellence.

To build an organization capable of achieving great things, we aspire to be extraordinary at everything we do. We relentlessly pursue excellence in both the big and small things we do every day.

We love and understand.

Loving and authentic relationships are the foundation for our work together. We care deeply for our teammates and our users, seeking to understand them and treating them with warmth and respect.

We think big.

We believe that together with our users, we have the opportunity to change the course of history. To realize this potential we are ambitious in everything we do and audaciously optimistic about what is possible.



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